Vacation video might win you ten grand

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Lonely Planet asks vacationers to “Share Your Adventure” on YouTube for a chance to win big bucks. 

YouTube, the travel network Lonely Planet, and Intel have teamed up to bring YouTubers “Share your Adventure”, a contest where YouTubers upload their travel footage for a chance to win $10,000.

YouTubers have until September 6 to upload their footage, and voting by the community begins on September 12, following a preliminary judging period by Lonely Planet. (The YouTube blog incorrectly states August 11 as the last day to upload footage.)

Official rules state that only United States citizens over the age of 18 can enter, and all videos must be less than 3 minutes long. According to the rules, amateur vloggers and video editors need not apply:  “This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner.” Videos will be judged based off literary and creative merit, originality, “entertainment value,” and “video graphic skill.” 

YouTubers can enter their videos into five separate categories; Outdoor, Urban, Visual, Culinary, or Family adventure.

So far, the only videos seen on the Lonely Planet channel are from popular Australian travel vlogger Natalie Tran, but her videos might have been uploaded as examples for other YouTubers unsure of what to include in their videos.

A quick search on the site reveals only a couple YouTubers have uploaded videos to the Lonely Planet contest so far, despite the flourishing Travel section on YouTube.

The Lonely Planet “Share Your Adventure” contest should not be confused with the Go Ape!:“Share Your Adventure” contest, or the Sierra Trading Post “Share Your Adventure Video Contest,” both of which are running at the same time.

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