Disney brings Dug from ‘Up’ to life to delight tiny mailmen the world over

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Dug from Up as a golden retriever at a park

Screengrab via Disney/Facebook


Just when you thought Dug from Up couldn’t get any cuter, Disney goes and proves you all kinds of wrong.

In a mini-featurette released on Facebook today, Disney captured the glory of what Dug would look and sound like in real life, with a well-trained Golden Retriever, a facsimile of his thought-translating collar, and a dozen unsuspecting people at a park.

[Placeholder for https://www.facebook.com/Disney/videos/10153993131480954/ video embed.]

That goofy, lovable voice is perfect, but I sure hope it has a feature to censor what the dog is thinking when it starts sniffing butts.

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