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‘The idea is to give the ultimate flexibility to content creators.’

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Online video startup Unreel Entertainment announced today that it has launched its streaming and distribution platform, designed to help creators and publishers establish their own branded homepages and video networks.

The company also announced the creation of its Creator Appreciation Fund, which will allow early adopters of to keep 100 percent of the first $1 million in revenue generated by paywalls and merchandise sales on the platform. After the creator fund expires, they will get an 85/15 split on revenues from video-on-demand transactions and merchandise sales, paid on a monthly basis.

Similar to Victorious, a platform launched last year by former YouTube exec Bing Chen and TripUp’s Sam Rogoway, enables users to aggregate videos from social accounts, upload exclusive content, and monetize their videos through advertising, paywalls, subscriptions, and merchandise sales. It also provides a socially driven destination where fans can comment within scenes, make highlight reels, and create GIFs.

“The idea is to give the ultimate flexibility to content creators and owners, while providing opportunities to maximize revenues directly,” said Dan Goikhman, co-founder and CEO of, in a statement. “Until now, there’s been a surprising lack of platforms solely dedicated to empowering creators and their fans that’s also focused on increasing engagement, revenue, and leverage for the people creating the content which keeps us all entertained.”

Unreel was founded in early 2015 with the goal of uncovering trending moments in video for multi-channel networks, publishers, and content creators. In January, Unreel announced it had raised $1 million in seed funding led by Digital Ignition, a multimedia content and technology fund backed by private equity firm Steel Pier Capital. Poise Ventures and angel investors Adam Yarnold, Gordon Whitener, and Jackson Huynh also contributed to the round. Its clients include Malka Media, car video network GTChannelSurrealVR, and MMA League World Series of Fighting.

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