Third Ghostbusters trailer

Screengrab via Sony Pictures UK/Twitter

Maybe this movie won’t be so bad after all.

When the first photos for the all-female version of Ghostbusters surfaced online, fans understandably were excited. The trailers for the movie that’ll be released July 15 haven’t been as well received, though. Some thought the trailers were picture perfect, but others—a whole helluva lot of others—believed the trailers were trash.

Maybe it’s the all-female cast that makes people mad. Maybe it’s because the late Harold Ramis isn’t in it. Or maybe it’s because it’s not British enough.

If the last reason is the case, perhaps this international trailer will make you feel better than the first two previews that were released in the U.S. And this one features a little more Kristen Wiig, a little more Kate McKinnon, and the first time we’ve seen Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong make an appearance.

The reaction to this third trailer seemingly has been more positive, as well.

Birth.Movies.Death declared that the latest trailer was better than Ghostbusters 2, and cutprintfilm declared the new trailer “gets it right.”

But remember this. Maybe the new Ghostbusters will suck. Maybe it won’t. 

Or maybe we should just watch the entire movie and decide then.

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