Police respond to Tyrese Gibson’s troubling kidnapping video


Tyrese Gibson fooled everyone Monday morning—including the Los Angeles Police Department—when he posted a disturbing video of a man bound and gagged on his couch at 3am.

In the video, comedian Michael Blackson looks like he’s been taken hostage by Gibson, who can also be spotted eating a bowl of Ramen.

Shit is real funny til it ain’t funny no more.. you disrespect my daughter, a problem is on your hands that won’t go away Michael Blackson#InvisibleBully

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Monday, November 20, 2017

Viewers speculated that Gibson had lost it and kidnapped Blackson in retaliation for a video he posted a few weeks ago, which mocked a meltdown Gibson had and said he was “no longer considered Black.”


Gibson’s video looked troubling enough that LAPD showed up at his home Monday morning, where they were informed the video was just a “joke,” according to TMZ.

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle

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