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Here’s proof that white men can actually jump

Tyler Inman is the best dunker you’ve never heard of. 


Chase Hoffberger


Let’s cut straight to the stereotype: It’s not too often you see a white dude from Southwestern Christian University walk into an NAIA dunk contest and walk out with a championship. 

That’s exactly what senior forward Tyler Inman pulled off this weekend, earning a perfect score of 50 in each round. In the finals, against Southeastern University’s Mitchell Wiggins Jr., he went behind the back on one, then dunked from the free throw line on a self-tossed alley-oop another. 

Literally zero scouting reports exist of this 6’5” senior on the general basic Internet, so we can’t imagine he’s looking towards following this up in the NBA. But one college dunk championship in the books for a guy who calls himself King Inman—that’s something you can hang your crown on. 

Inman’s got five years of dunks stored on his YouTube page, which also features footage of him doing doing everything from impersonating Justin Timberlake to the fabled stanky leg

He’s also got this eight-minute highlight reel called ‘White Men Can’t Jump… Warm-ups” that reminds you about how basketball’s the smoothest sport they ever made. 

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