Celebrate National UnFollow Day

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's annual Facebook holiday, the Daily Dot makes a list and checks it twice to determine which Twitter users should be unfollowed. 


Jordan Valinsky


Published Nov 22, 2011   Updated Jun 3, 2021, 1:06 am CDT

Thanks to Biz Markie’s new pop-culture anthem “Just UnFriend,” the Daily Dot can’t stop thinking about Jimmy Kimmel’s National UnFriend Day for Facebook.

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But why not take similar action against those who manage to be annoying on Twitter, despite the 140-character limit?

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It’s time to lop off friends who clog your Twitter timeline with overly ecstatic retweets from Taylor Swift. We hereby introduce the Daily Dot’s National UnFollow Day.

Inspired by Kimmel’s own rating system, we created this guide and scoring system. If your friend scores 50 points or more in our guide below, you know what you needs to be done: Call them out with the hashtag #nestcleanup. You have the Dot’s blessing to unfollow through.

  • If your friend uses Twitter as a continuous stream of consciousness, like “Omggggg it’s so cold outside lol” and then adds a moronic hashtag like “#thissucks”: 5 points
  • If you friend tweets about the weather, unfollow them. It’s cold and dreary outside and you would rather watch E!; we get it: 10 points
  • If your friend tweets any mention of their boobs popping out or use of the word “nipps”:  10 points
  • If your friend tweets at celebrities, or microcelebrites like Selena Gomez: 5 points
  • If said celebrities were called “inspirational“: 5 points
  • If Tumblr/Foursquare/Yelp accounts are linked to Twitter: 5 points
  • If the user live tweeted the American Music Awards: 5 points
  • If the friend retweets CNN’s breaking-news account, @CNNBRK. There’s a reason nearly six million people follow them; we don’t need to it twice: 5 points
  • If the user retweets articles from Huffington Post’s Entertainment section: 10 points
  • If the friend tweets old memes like, Forever Alone, and claims it as new: 5 points
  • If your friend provides a play-by-play commentary to any type of football game except for the Super Bowl. That match-up between the Dolphins and Bills doesn’t deserve crushing Twitter’s servers: 5 points
  • Unfollow your friend if they are begging for more followers—just to be a prick: 50 points
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*First Published: Nov 22, 2011, 9:16 am CST