DrLupo Twitch apology


Twitch user writes 1,000-word apology for being a troll

The user didn’t realize calling somebody a ‘cancer’ was a bad idea.


Josh Katzowitz


When a Twitch user recently made a nasty comment on DrLupo’s chat, the livestreaming star took drastic action against the subscriber who insulted him. DrLupo banned him.

But what DrLupo—who has 2.1 million Twitch subscribers and whose real name is Ben Lupo—did next has won plaudits from the streaming community. If the subscriber wanted to be unbanned, DrLupo reasoned, there was only one way for it to happen: The unnamed subscriber had to apologize in long-form school-assignment fashion.

As Dr. Lupo wrote, “Couple days ago, a sub came into chat and typed ‘DrLupo is cancer.’ I banned that person, and told them I would remove the ban if they wrote me a 1000 word essay explaining why it was wrong to say that, and why they were sorry.”

So, the Twitch user did. Though the person admitted they couldn’t stretch out the apology to 1,000 words, they seemed sincere in their regret.

The Twitch user wrote they didn’t realize calling somebody a “cancer” could be seen as offensive and that “I typed that disgusting joke for attention,” but now, they realize “what a stupid, immature joke that is.” The subscriber spent some time in their message writing about why cancer is such a monstrous disease, rattling off some statistics, and explaining why they never should have joked about it.

“I would never be able to imagine what immense pain the victims have to go through with their families, so I would never want that pain to be inflicted upon you or anyone for that matter.” The subscriber also praised DrLupo for being a good streamer, husband, and father, and they also called him “forgiving and merciful.”

All of it was enough to get back into the good graces of DrLupo, who wrote, “Unbanned. Change one person at a time.”

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