New teaser offers a glimpse at ‘Twin Peaks’ 25 years later


Here’s your first look at Showtime’s upcoming Twin Peaks revival. And that word—”revival”—could not be more applicable. 

After 25 years, some familiar faces still haunt the Twin Peaks cast. In a new teaser, we see Big Ed Hurley, Sarah Palmer, and Special Agent Dale Cooper. There are also glimpses of Harry Dean Stanton’s Carl Rodd and deputies Andy Brennan and Tommy “Hawk” Hill.

Though some familiar faces have aged significantly, the glimpses we do see in such a short teaser are just enough of an enticing throwback for old fans as well as new. A recent Entertainment Weekly story added more returning characters to the list: Shelly and Norma of the Double R Diner, receptionist Lucy Moran, and Audrey Horne.

Twin Peaks premieres May 21.

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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