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Controversial jokes plague incoming ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah

Will Comedy Central reconsider its choice?


Eric Geller


The Internet might want to put its celebration of Trevor Noah on hold. 

On Monday night, it emerged that the next host of The Daily Show had tweeted some very offensive things about women, Jews, and victims of naked photo leaks.

Here is one of the tweets at the center of the firestorm.

Here is another.

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

Noah’s weight-related humor also targeted Adele.

The comedian also weighed in on the topic of naked celebrity images by pretending to disavow the practice before encouraging it.

And then there is this tweet, which some are calling anti-Semitic.

In case Noah deletes these tweets, here are some archived versions.

The Independent has rounded up more of Noah’s tweets belittling women’s sports, Israel, and other topics.

Noah is far from the first comedian to earn criticism for humor that his supporters will simply shrug off as edgy. The question is whether Comedy Central sees the growing backlash over his tweets as a problem that merits a response. At press time, the Viacom-owned network had yet to issue a statement.

Photo via Trevor Noah/Facebook

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