Michigan reporter remixes the weather

Snoop Dogg might want to grab an umbrella; it’s expected to drizzle today.

That’s the sort of flavor Tom Murphy brings to his weather forecast at CBS affiliate WBKB-TV in Alpena, Michigan. The quotable news anchor remixes traditional weather reports with hip-hop lyrics and various punch lines.

To borrow one of Murphy’s phrases, his latest reel has Reddit “leaning back like Fat Joe in the Terror Squad.” The video has garnered 619 comments after being posted on the site Tuesday night.

“Lost it at the smurfs reference,” commented ScreenPrint. Another fan, famous_amos, wrote, “This guy is good… I like how he adds a little flavor to meteorology.”

Murphy’s frequent sports references shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since he has sports broadcasting experience from his college days. (Though perhaps he’d have more luck in thinking of football players’ jersey numbers that match temperatures if Celsius was used instead of Fahrenheit.)

In his other clips, Murphy quips about everything from Mario Kart 64 to MacGruber, and you can just tell that he’s having a ton of fun at his job.

Maybe we’re looking at the next senior weather correspondent for The Daily Show.

Kris Holt

Kris Holt

Based in Montreal, Kris Holt has been writing about technology and web culture since 2010. He writes for Engadget and Tech News World, and his byline has also appeared in Paste, Salon, International Business Times, Mashable, and elsewhere.