Twitter’s clueless outrage about ‘The Wiz’ spawns all-white remake

When NBC aired The Wiz last year, Twitter users wondered why the the production didn’t have any white people.  Now, F-Comedy is giving those Twitter users what they’re looking for with a fake commercial for a groundbreaking, all-white version of the show.

“It’s just an amazing opportunity to take a classic like The Wiz, and really give it some diversity,” Dorothy says in the commercial.

“There are good parts available for white actors,” explains the Tin Man. “This show proves it.”

While The Wiz might not be on everyone’s mind, the spoof’s arrival is still timely, given the ongoing discussions about diversity in Hollywood generally and in Academy Award nominations specifically.

Correction: NBC aired The Wiz

Screengrab via F-Comedy/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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