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The Hater: Please stop saying “Shit,” people

"Shit Girls Say" was funny, but you there, with the webcam, about to do a knockoff? Drop it like it's hot.


Jordan Valinsky


Posted on Jan 11, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 10:49 pm CDT

All good memes must come to an end. It’s time to stop putting on polyester wigs and uploading “Shit ___ Say” videos to YouTube—before something truly tragic happens.

It started innocently enough with “Shit Girls Say,” a funny one-minute video created from a Twitter feed of the same name. (We don’t hate everything! We like funny Twitter feeds!) The video had the unhateable Juliette Lewis in it, which is never a bad thing!

How much do Screen Actor Guild members get paid for YouTube videos, anyway?

So, everyone on the Internet got this genius idea to replicate the shit for their own race/religion/gender/issue. We were forced to endure “Shit Guys Say,” “Shit Gay Guys Say,” “Shit Black Girls Say,” “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls,” and even “Shit Real Housewives Say.”

The gays really got into it, which is a sure sign that something’s about to get worked to death.

It’s time for me to don my cheap wig, drink lots of wine, stare stupidly into a shaky camera, and a tape Shit the Hater Says. No it isn’t. That’s an awful idea.

I am not going to be pompous like some rando Huffington Post columnist that just pranced out of Arianna’s closet to call the meme “sexist” and “racist” because faux outrage sells! (Wait a minute, that’s a good idea.)

When you apply those labels to these clearly satirical videos, it means you don’t understand satire or racism or sexism. Shit videos are a way for groups of people to let out their suppressed voices in a totally new-media way that isn’t something overdone, like a march, or a hunger strike, or the worst, a totally hysterical website blackout.

No, they’re not “racist” or “sexist.” They just share a struggle with the writers of Work It: creating actual humor. As the creators of “Shit Girls Say” found out in the third episode, it’s hard to be funny after the original. (If you haven’t seen the third “webisode” of Shit Girls Say, do your brain a solid and pass.)

None of these videos are funny (except for “Shit Christians Say to Jews” because Christians say the funniest things). And where does the meme go from here? “Shit Idiots Say?” That’s not funny, because, big surprise, everyone knows idiots talk shit. There’s no point in killing the Shit meme. It’s already dead.

If you want to kill a meme, kill this one.

Shit Tebowers Say.

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*First Published: Jan 11, 2012, 4:15 pm CST