Verizon’s mobile-only streaming service debuts BlackBoxTV horror series

BlackBoxTV is using YouTube to help get eyes on a series that lives on go90Verizon’s mobile-only streaming service.

While you can already watch The Fourth Door on go90, the horror channel just released a new trailer in support of the show, one of the six original series New Form Digital is releasing on go90 this year. It follows Lain, played by High School Musical’s Monique Coleman, and her quest to save her lover from Limbo. YouTuber Joey Graceffa plays the king of Limbo, bent on destroying the duo. 

The new trailer is a chance for fans of Graceffa and Coleman to access the series, and hopefully will bring new eyeballs to go90. Fans can also interact with series creator Tony Valenzuela during a 24-hour livestream event starting at noon PT on Dec. 30 via the BlackBoxTV channel.

H/T Tubefilter | Screengrab via BlackBoxTV/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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