Click here for a Taylor Swift sex tape? Yep, that’s a scam

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You had to know a Taylor Swift–Harry Styles “sex tape” would be trouble.

You had to know a Taylor Swift “sex tape” would be trouble.

A Facebook scam—almost as silly as yesterday’s “maintenance” hoax—is tempting users into clicking through for a Swiftie sex tape with former fling Harry Styles of One Direction.

The tape is not an actual thing that exists. But it sounds plausible.

“The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on the Internet,” reads the message, as discovered by multiple security sites.

“Taylor’s publicists are trying to take down all of the websites hosting it, but we found a working one! Watch the video before it’s taken down!,” with a link directing users to the “video.”

Of course, clicking the link doesn’t bring up anything salacious—just a survey requesting your email address, cellphone number, mailing address, and willingness to download games and browser toolbars. 

Providing that information essentially “guarantees that you’ll be at a higher risk” for spam, fraudulent text messages, and even malware, warns TechNewsDaily. So to avoid all that, it’s best to ignore those messages and don’t download anything or ever use the Internet again.

There’s plenty of Haylor love on the Internet anyway.

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