Watch these two guys cover Beyoncé’s whole album in 5 minutes

Why choose one Beyoncé song when you can choose them all?

Insanely popular a cappella group Pentatonix already did Queen Bey justice, but members Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, who formed the side project Superfruit, wanted to take on something from her newest album.

The duo, who have a self-described “unhealthy obsession” with Beyoncé, ran into a problem many of us have. When it came to the Queen, they couldn’t decide which song to cover, so they went ahead and covered all of them.

Unlike their work with Pentatonix, the song has an instrumental musical arrangement, but that doesn’t take away the fact that we now have our own bite-sized serving of Beyoncé to take with us on the go.

It might be more useful than you will ever know.

H/T Hypervocal | Photo via SUPERFRUIT/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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