Stretching the Canvas: Mayan memes, Christmas tidings and Giorgia A. Tsoukalos

feature image dec. 26

Image board Canvas was obsessed this week with Mayan memes, Christmas tidings and Giorgia A. Tsoukalos.

This week Canvas couldn’t get enough of Mayan inspired memes, Christmas tidings and History Channel’s Giorgio A Tsoukalos.

Canvas users really got into the holiday spirit this week with a handful of original, remix editor, drawn content and the Mayan system of calendars, which was constantly in the news the last few weeks.

And to cap off the Mayan hysteria, Canvas released some New Year’s inspired stickers that included glasses of champagne, a 2012 logo and a Mayan calender pendant.

Here’s what else went down on Canvas this week.







Featured image by splig



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