The band behind the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack just put out an eerie new album

Stranger Things

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If you loved ‘Stranger Things,’ you need to check this out.

If you just can’t get enough of Netflix’s spell-binding blockbuster Stranger Things, you need to hear the new album by Survive. 

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein were integral in shaping the mood of the series and its characters’ development with their unsettling score. They’re one-half of the Austin’s Survive (styled as S U R V I V E)—joined by Adam Jones and Mark Donica, who add even more synths to the mix. The band’s new album, RR7349, picks up where the Stranger Things soundtrack left off—mixing the creeping horror of vintage John Carpenter with Tangerine Dream’s drone landscapes to create the kind of eerie epic that feels like you can crawl into.  

Here’s how Pitchfork described the album in the context of the band’s evolution: 

Based on “Cutthroat” alone, it’s clear that S U R V I V E’s capacity for imagination and evocation goes well beyond homages to film scores of the 1980s, and much like the machines they meticulously build to create their dense soundscapes, they’ll continue to tweak and augment their sound until the unholy day their monstrous creation is completed.

Survive is currently on tour in the U.S., and both volume 1 and volume 2 of the Stranger Things score are available for streaming. 

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