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There’s a ‘Stranger Things’-themed club night in the U.K.—and it’s amazing

This club night has everything…


Audra Schroeder


We all knew Stranger Things‘s popularity would extend to Halloween costumes, but one U.K. club night is starting early. 

Strangest Things is a Stranger Things-themed night that’s been popping up at different clubs in the U.K., proving the show is just as popular overseas as it is in the States. And this club night has everything

A shrine to Barb:

Oh Barb…. 💕🕯🌹 #StrangerThings #StrangestThings #JusticeForBarb

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A Demogorgon turntable weight: 

Portals to 1984:

Current scenes at @rubyloungemcr 💡💡💡🎉 #StrangerThings #StrangestThings #TheRubyLounge

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Themed mixtapes:

And lots of people in costume:

The show’s cast members have even done some promo, even though they’re not old enough to get in yet. 

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