Adam Savage’s workshop gets adorable animated takeover

The workspace where MythBusters‘s Adam Savage built Han Solo’s blaster and a box for a traveling stuffed beaver is naturally a bit of a mess, but thanks to some animated help from a little creature called a Zeebler, things got just a bit more disheveled. 

Savage’s nostalgia for his father’s shortform animation inspired him to invite modern shortform animator Marty Cooper to the Tested workshop to discuss his process and create a custom animation for the space.

“Every time I make one of these, I’m sure it won’t work,” Cooper explained. His process usually takes about a day from concept to execution, and his style is very hands-on. So hands-on, in fact, that you see his hands in most of his shoots. His specailaty is bringing animated creatures into real-life environments by creating Sharpie and Wite-Out art on acetate sheets, and having those low-budget cell animations interact with real-world settings thanks to stop-motion video. He shoots it all on his phone.

That’s one way to make office life more exciting.

Screengrab via Tested/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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