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‘Star Wars’ characters sing ‘Stayin’ Alive’ thanks to some clever editing

The franchise is most definitely staying alive after the success of ‘The Force Awakens.’


Michelle Jaworski


If the staying power of the Star Wars fandom and Disney’s astronomical marketing push didn’t guarantee a brand new life for the franchise, its success at the box office certainly did.

In order to celebrate the momentous occasion of The Force Awakens breaking nearly every opening weekend record, Jimmy Fallon got the cast of the first six Star Wars movies to sing “Stayin’ Alive.” It wasn’t a live rendition like that great a cappella rendition of the movie’s iconic theme, but thanks to some clever editing, Fallon got the job done.

With a Sith Lord, the Force, and a Rebellion taking on the Galactic Empire, performing a song about staying alive through it all is just as easy as you’d think. Just wait for the exasperated “no’s” at the end.

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Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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