Is Soulja Boy selling consoles with bootleg video games?


Soulja Boy is back with a new business venture. But reports allege the gaming systems listed on his tech gear website could be full of bootlegged games.

The “Crank That” rapper is selling his portable SouljaGame Handheld for $99.99 and SouljaGame Console for $149. But his video game consoles don’t really measure up to competitors like Nintendo Switch or Vita, Geek reports.

Soulja Boy rolled out the consoles shortly after launching his SouljaWatches website on Monday. A picture posted to his Instagram displays six different colors of square-shaped smart watch emulating the Apple Watch. (The SouljaWatch is now on sale for $19.99, down from $49.99.)

While details about the watches are few and far between, multiple outlets are reporting that the the SouljaGame consoles have some questionable—and possibly illegal—features.

Per Geek:

Soulja Boy’s “new” video game systems are in fact inexplicably more expensive reskins of retro game consoles from manufacturer Anbernic, a $60 handheld and $80 console. The Linux specs and expandable storage are the same, as are the claims of “3,000 pre-installed games.”

The emulators themselves are fine, Geek adds, but if the games come as ROM files, that means they’re illegal copies of the original games. Overall, it’s pretty sketchy.

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Sunny Kim

Sunny Kim

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