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Revealed: Snoop Dogg loves Reddit

The rapper gave the social news site a shoutout, prompting a debate on whether he actually uses it.


Kris Holt


Snoop Dogg: rapper, actor, redditor?

On his Facebook page, Snoop shared a piece of fan-created artwork bearing the caption, “Shoutout to tha fans on Reddit makn snoopdogg art!” A screengrab of the image was then posted on the social news site by LeSouthAfricanSpy, who titled the thread, “Snoop dogg is a redditor. Fo rizzle.”

The post got redditors wondering if Snoop legitimately uses the site.

Bouffont questioned if the redditor who started the thread “is actually Snoop Dogg,” while others suggested that Snoop is a moderator for r/trees, the site’s largest marijuana community.

Cynics (and goodness knows Reddit has plenty) opined that Mr. Dogg probably doesn’t frequent the social news site.

“I hate to break it to you guys but most of the time these people have PR and Social Media reps that are updating their accounts,” wrote CharlieBitMyDick. “The reason they give shoutouts to specific sites is because of, well … this post. It’s great marketing. Snoop Dogg could totally be here and I hope he is but I see stuff posted like this all the time.”

RealCheeseFlavor suggested that a redditor fan of Snoop perhaps showed the art to him, adding, “Reddit makes this mistake a lot. Someone mentions reddit—they must be a redditor.”

However, Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin, who uses the handle hueypriest, weighed in to claim that he has spoken with Snoop. The star is legitimately a big fan of the site, Martin said, and wants to take part in a question-and-answer session in the popular r/IAmA (“I am a …”) subreddit.

“Since, I was the one that talked to The Doggfather’s people, and know all the lyrics to Doggystyle (yeah, I’m old), let me set the record straight. Snoop is a big fan of reddit, and wants to do an IAmA at some point. We actually had one scheduled, but it turns out he did not have enough time that day to do a proper IAmA. Instead I suggested he might do a little something on r/trees, but decided just to try to do an IAmA later.”

Though that doesn’t quite clear up the question of whether Snoop actually browses the site himself, it seems he’s certainly keen on becoming actively involved on Reddit.

There are a few existing celebrity redditors who engage with the community. Scrubs star Zach Braff, Community creator Dan Harmon, and actor Wil Wheaton.

If Snoop does do an interview, hopefully he’ll fare better than Woody Harrelson.

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