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Will you sign this petition to get Snoop Dogg to narrate ‘Planet Earth’?

Make ‘Plizzanet Earth’ a reality.


Hannah Withers


Who doesn’t love nature shows? The beauty, the violence, the drama. Shows like Planet Earth can be a great way to wind down from a long day— letting the serene splendor of our world wash over you and erase the various annoyances and idiotic banter you’re subjected to daily at work. There’s only one problem: Sometimes you’re not in it to learn all these facts and data about our amazing world.

Sometimes you just want to sit back, look at some nature, and go, “The fuck?”

That’s exactly the thinking behind a recent petition asking that rapper, entrepreneur, and poet warrior Snoop Dogg take over as the official narrator of an entire season of BBC show Planet Earth, or, as the recurring segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live dubs it, Plizzanet Earth.

Because sometimes you don’t want to know the gestation period of an average tree frog. Sometimes, you don’t even want to know it’s a tree frog. Sometimes you just want to see a bunch of little brown meerkats or beavers or whatever fight an alligator or something, and feel like the narrator is as fucking surprised as you are.

BECAUSE NATURE IS INSANE. And it’s time we had a world-class nature show host who recognizes that.

As of Saturday, the petition had more than 34,000 signatures, and only needs 35,000 to reach its goal. We can only hope that serious waves are being made in the cut-throat world of nature show production. 

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