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Snoop Dogg narrates ‘Planet Earth’ for Jimmy Fallon

The rapper brings you the latest segment of Plizzanet Earth.


Michelle Jaworski


We’ve got a new contender for the best voiceover in nature documentaries.

It’s almost impossible and unthinkable to replace Sir David Attenborough’s narration on Planet Earth, but Jimmy Kimmel had other ideas. He recruited Snoop Dogg, a renowned connoisseur of all things green, to lend his voice to the nature documentary series.

Recounting a “journey below the sea” to discover a great white shark, Snoop is both insightful and emotive, especially when it comes to some of the crueler parts of nature.

It’s a hard life for a cold-blooded killer—not to mention those seals.

Can we get him to commentate Sharknado 2 next?

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