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And the winner is…

In the last week, as the discussion about the Oscars‘ lack of diversity in acting categories circulated online and #OscarsSoWhite became the mantra once again, it became almost comical that the Academy could be so tone-deaf in 2016. With that in mind, SNL went all in last night. 

In a sketch about the Screen Guild Awards, increasingly ridiculous nominees are laid out in the Best Actor category: In a fictitious film about Thurgood Marshall, the role of “Dave” (played by Beck Bennett) is nominated instead of any black actors. In a spoof of Netflix‘s Beasts of No Nation, “White Man With Camera” is nominated. You’ll never guess who ultimately wins. 

This was also a week in which revered actors like Charlotte Rampling and Michael Caine revealed their antiquated views about black actors being nominated. Danny DeVito went the other way, saying the U.S. is “a bunch of racists.” 

Screengrab via Saturday Night Live/YouTube 

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