Smosh launches “Gamers Alliance” on YouTube

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The Smosh Gamers Alliance will provide a platform for aspiring gamers to tap into Smosh’s massive YouTube audience. 

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Smosh is closing in on becoming the first YouTube channel to reach eight digit subscribers, and one of the duo’s secondary channels is now looking to use their influence to power an entire network of creators. Smosh has launched the Smosh Games Alliance, which will consist of videos from aspiring gamers all over YouTube.

A video on the Smosh Games channel gives a nice introduction to the program, which is specifically noted as an alliance even though “that’s just a fancy word for network.” Basically, gamers are invited to join the Alliance, where they can be featured on its new channel. More enticingly, a weekly show on Smosh Games will spotlight certain videos from the Alliance in front of millions of viewers.

We recently explored how guest hosting on the popular YouTube show =3 caused Sarah Silverman’s YouTube channel to gain a huge number of new subscribers. Theoretically, the Smosh Games Alliance now allows previously unknown gamers to benefit from the ‘Smosh bump’, where a one-time guest appearance on Smosh Games leads to a long-lasting increase in audience size. Of course, the introductory video also implies that channels featured on Smosh Games Alliance Spotlight will be both “great” and “complete s**t”, so joining the Alliance means you may be ridiculed instead of celebrated.

Channel creators who join the alliance also get free video making tips and the potential to earn cash money if their content proves popular. If you’re a gamer with a dream, now’s your chance to try and make it with all these other gaming channels on YouTube. And these ones. And these onestoo. Good luck, you’re going to need it.


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