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Movies showcase every subject from superheroes to romance to tornadoes filled with sharks. So what happens when movies feature the subject they should be the foremost authority on—movies?

Chances are, they wound up in Slacktory’s moving YouTube montage, “Movies in movies: A metacinematic montage.”

Slacktory used depictions of movie theaters from 93 different movies to create a truly meta homage to the moviegoing experience. From walking into the theater to reacting to onscreen action, editors Clara Darko and Brutzelpretzel successfully piece together a story about a night out at the movies. While Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Biloxi Blues may be leagues apart in every way possible, the Slacktory editors have managed to beautifully marry them together. 

The 139-clip montage is set to a wonderful set of music from famed movie composers John Williams and Elmer Bernstein.

It’s a shame that video games rarely feature in-game characters playing video games, for Slacktory could surely continue to work its magic there, but instead it did the next best thing: video games in movies.

H/T Slacktory | Image via Slacktory/YouTube

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

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