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If you’re not named Brian or Nigel, you might have a shot to hook up with the Irish singer.

Singer Sinead O’Connor is apparently looking for love in all the right, wrong, and weird places.

According to her blog, O’Connor’s lack of intimacy is “so dire that inanimate objects are starting to look good as are inappropriate and/or unavailable men and/or inappropriate and/or unavailable fruits and vegetables.”

This isn’t a joke. And if it’s a publicity stunt, it’s working, judging by all the press coverage she’s gotten. This includes articles on CNN’s entertainment blogNew York Magazine’s entertainment blog and She also is growing her Twitter following from three last week to more than 3,000 Tuesday night.

O’Connor, 44, has compiled a very detailed list of what she is looking for in a sexual partner. Her parameters include men who don’t use hair gel, are 44 or older, and not named Nigel or Brian. She’s instructing all eligible men to email her secretary at [email protected]

The Daily Dot has reached out to O’Connor for an interview and are hoping to hear back (no one on staff is named Nigel or Brian so we might have a shot.)

On Saturday a tweet from comedian Rob Delaney caught our attention after he discovered that O’Connor’s Twitter account @howryeh might actually be the famed Irish songstress.

Delaney’s hunch was right, according to her blog, anyhow. And her tweets are just as sexually charged as her blog entries.

“Pork me!!!!! Please!!! Nicely. With music. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase! Its Saturday fucking night! I just had a bath. I smell great,” O’Connor tweeted.

“Gonna press panic button instead. Cops come door.. I drag em in. They leave smiling at 7 a.m. Am genius,” she tweeted.

For all men out there younger than 44, don’t panic. In a blog post Sunday O’Connor lowered the age of eligibility to 38 so she could include Irish broadcaster Ryan Tubridy in the running. And for women who are interested, please apply, O’Connor wrote.

“Hands off ladies,” she wrote. “He’s mine. Until either Dave Chapelle, Adam Clayton, or Robert Downey Junior come to claim me.”

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