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7 pregnancy test videos better than the man surprising his wife by stealing her pee

Bleach and soda, dudes reviewing pregnancy tests, and more videos we’d rather watch this weekend.


Rae Votta


Announcing a pregnancy can be a hyper-emotional time. Naturally, that makes for compelling YouTube video fodder, as proved by the countless pregnancy test and announcement videos that litter the service.

This week one family flipped the script, with the husband Sam stealing his wife’s pee out of the toilet to perform a pregnancy test and surprising her with the news that she is pregnant. The video has already head 8 million views and growing for the vlogging family (they already have two young children.)

It may be getting all the shine, but there are a lot of weird and wonderful pregnancy test related videos on YouTube that are even more fun than Sam and Nia‘s, and are not all simply people watching pee dry on a stick.

First of all, an enterprising teen did prove that you can use toilet-saturated water for a positive pregnancy test, in case you were skeptical about Sam and Nia’s results.

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YouTube is all about education, so thankfully Ted-Ed provides the definitive, “How do pregnancy tests work” video if you want to dive into the science of it all, complete with adorable animations.

YouTube is also all about product reviews, and who better to review a pregnancy test than two brothers. The Manlulu Brothers have just gotten into the product review game, and have only hit Hyperwalk scooters in addition to pregnancy tests, so they’re directly on the pulse of pop culture.

Lucky for the brothers, their test is negative. In men, pregnancy tests have been known to indicate a positive for pregnancy but really detect testicular cancer.  This has led to men taking the test to check out their health, opening up a whole new market.

Maybe you want a home remedy version of a pregnancy test that uses something you’ve got around your house without a trip to the drug store? YouTube has you covered with examples of the bleach test, where pregnant urine starts to fizz when combined with bleach. One woman used her small child as the control in seeing if this method really works.

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The downside to a bleach test is it releases fumes that can be harmful to pregnant women.  There’s also tricks to making a false positive all over YouTube, including simply using soda instead of urine.

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Of course, if you just want to watch straightforward pregnancy test reaction videos, YouTube has them in spades.  The still-reigning champ of pregnancy announcements by viewership (16.4 million and growing) is the adorable couple who captured the surprise in a photo booth. We’d rather watch that 100 times than a man taking his wife’s pee out of the toilet with a dropper.

Screengrab via Sam and Nia/YouTube

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