Seth Rogen’s tragic Thanksgiving backstory

Pity poor Seth Rogen. Who could imagine a childhood without turkey and all the trimmings?

According to Rogen’s one minute vignette on Funny or Die, while growing up in Vancouver, B.C., his parents informed him that Jews did not celebrate Thanksgiving. Woefully, Rogen sat peering out the window as his friends and their families gathered in late November for a yearly megafeast.

After arriving in America, Rogen learned from some Canadian friends (depicted in this skit as The MacKenzie Brothers) that Jews actually did celebrate Thanksgiving. Sad over missed meals of Big Bird, stuffing, and the aftereffects of l-tryptophan, the actor finally was able to honor the pilgrims thanks to his then-girlfriend, now-wife and her clan.

If the Funny or Die bit is accurate, Rogen has yet to confront his parents about their deception. It could have been worse—his parents could have told him Jews don’t celebrate Christmas.

Screengrab via Funny Or Die

Allen Weiner

Allen Weiner

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