Sesame Workshop’s “Little Children, Big Challenges” lets kids whose parents are locked up know they’re not alone.

Sesame Workshop, the company behind the ultra-popular children’s television program Sesame Street, has turned to social media to promote a new campaign aimed at kids with at least one incarcerated parent.

In June, the company introduced “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” a digital toolkit that helps kids deal with the emotional hurdles and distress that comes with having a parent in jail.

“Unfortunately, few resources exist to support young children and families coping with this life-changing circumstance,” Sesame Workshop explains

 “These children have to deal with the confusion, shame, and anger that accompany the sudden absence of a parent. The 2.7 million children with an incarcerated parent share similar experiences, but they don’t often feel comfortable talking about them.”

The first step in the initiative was to introduce Alex, a groundbreaking character who has a lot in common with the kids “Little Children, Big Challenges” is trying to reach.

On Tuesday, the official Sesame Street Twitter account began getting the word out by tweeting out heartwrenching Vine videos told from a kid’s perspective that somewhat resemble PostSecret confessions.

“Incarceration” is only the latest “Little Children, Big Challenges” campaign. In 2012, Sesame Workshop launched one for kids whose parents are divorced.

Photo via Sesame Street in Communities/YouTube

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