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Agent Brody’s on the lamb in the ‘Sesame Street’ ‘Homeland’ parody

Homeland finally got the not-so-sheepish Sesame Street homage fans have been waiting for.


Michelle Jaworski


Homeland finally got the not-so-sheepish Sesame Street homage fans have been waiting for.

The Sesame Street writers are huge fans of TV-MA dramas. For the benefit of every adult forced to watch children’s television with her kids, they’ve flipped Downton Abbey upside-down, Muppet-ized Don Draper, brought in the Lannisters, and turned the Sons of Anarchy into a bunch of rhyming poets. (Breaking Bad hasn’t been spoofed on the show, but Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring, guest-starred in 1982.) The sketches are simple enough for the kids to enjoy, and they’ve got all the right details to please the biggest TV junkie.

Just like on Homeland, the CIA of Homelamb really has wool over its eyes as agents fail to notice the Big Bad Wolf right under their hooves. It’s a pitch-perfect tribute, from the creepy opening sequence to Carrie falling for Baaa-rody as she tries to prove he’s a terrorist. And the Saaaaul sheep is a dead ringer for Mandy Patinkin. 

Agent Brody works best of all. He’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the show. (Or a sheep in wolf’s clothing? Or a sheep in wolf’s clothing in sheep’s clothing?) Best of all, there’s no mopey sheep-Dana taking selfies and wringing her hooves.

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