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Why? It doesn’t matter. Just watch.

Crackhead Twitter historian @Seinfeld2000, the strange and wholly unidentified account devoted to conceiving demented new subplots for Salvador Dali–deformed iterations of Seinfeld’s four main characters, has turned a new leaf in the Internet archival system. He or she revealed himself or herself as a constructor of music videos culling extensive narratives from the classic NBC show alongside contemporary pop songs.

The first instance of this bizarre little combination tackles the subplot of George Costanza and Susan Ross, George’s great love interest, who finds herself betrothed to George despite the fact that George never really wanted to marry her in the first place. 

Stretched over six minutes, the narrative follows the two as they call their parents to share the good to news through George’s ill-fated attempts to push Susan away—remember when he took up smoking?—to that “restrained jubilation George showed on the night Dr. Wilcox told him Susan had passed. 

It all happens over the sounds of Arcade Fire’s “Here Comes the Night Time,” one of the more popular songs from this year’s Reflektor, an album that’s consumed 20-something pop culture for the fall months of 2013. Or as Seinfeld2000 put it, “‘Here Comes The Night Time’ video follow the tragic engagement of Garge and Suzette from Sienfeld.”

The video, of course, begs the question of “Why did @Seinfeld2000 create such a clip?” To that point, we carry no answer. An email tip sent from the creator this morning only states the obvious: that there’s a music, and that “the tragic engagement of Garge and Suzette” plays into the story primarily. 

In any event, it’s another indication that, when the aliens come to take us all away, they’ll realize that they’ve already had a foot on the ground around Earth for a while. @Seinfeld2000 is not of this land.

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