Honest Trailers eviscerates the ‘Saw’ franchise

The Saw “torture porn” franchise seems like it’s been around for at least five centuries at this point. Mercifully, there hasn’t been a new movie in four years, but the Honest Trailers franchise is going to offer you some real talk anyway.

Yes, what should have startedand endedas a short film was somehow made into a multimillion dollar brand centered around “people dramatically reaching for stuff.” Honest Trailers also points out that Jigsaw, the masochistic puppet mastermind pulling the strings in each movie, is about as scary as a Jeff Dunham puppet.

If this trailer has taught us anything, it’s that Saw totally ripped off Taco Bell’s bathroom.

Screengrab via Screen Junkies/YouTube

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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