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Why you should follow filmmaker Sara Dietschy on YouTube

Meet the filmmaker Casey Neistat is currently fangirling over.


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The Daily Dot is celebrating Woman Crush Wednesday, better known as #WCW on Twitter and Instagram, by highlighting female creators on YouTube whose work we admire.

A Nashville vlogger’s sendup of another YouTube star’s style has exploded on the platform more than either thought possible.

In one week, Sara Dietschy has gained over 80,000 new subscribers following her video “How to Casey Neistat a Vlog,” which has over 600,000 views and even received praise and a dedicated vlog segment from Neistat himself. So who is this rising influencer and why is it so important to keep her on your radar?

Dietschy (rhymes with “peachy”) has always been passionate about filmmaking, but she didn’t consider it as a career option until after graduating high school. Now 20, Dietschy is focused on building a brand around herself and her filmmaking. Her daily blog posts and weekly YouTube videos have given her the opportunity to contract with outside companies drawn to her

colorful, high-quality, and hella hip aesthetic. Alongside her own travel vlogs, Dietschy’s time is split between two webseries.

In Creative Spaces TV, the Nashville native interviews artists about their creative spaces and processes including unconventional photographers, 3D artists, music technicians, and more. Season 2 returned March 1, but you can catch up on season one here.

Then there is #ThatCreativeLife—a crucial resource for filmmakers on YouTube. In each episode, Dietschy tackles varying topics and viewer questions concerning freelance filmmaking. In the past she’s talked about the importance of working for free, her equipment recommendations, and tips for overcoming the “new kid syndrome.” Dietschy even posts a Q&A video following every documentary she uploads in order to walk viewers through how the video was made.

Her work—reminiscent of Anna Akana and Yulin Kuang—demonstrates the importance of collaboration in an industry that still pits women against each other. It’s not that her Neistat parody was different than any of her other work; everything Dietschy creates is quality storytelling, which makes this moment feel even more special. Because how many times do we get to see a creator as deserving as Dietschy put her name on the map?

So cheers to you, Sara, and your unwavering commitment to your work.

Screengrab via Sara Dietschy/YouTube

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