The Salt Bae blesses Leonardo DiCaprio’s steak


Leonardo DiCaprio on Thursday got the experience he’s waited all his life for: getting his prime cut, grass-fed steak properly and flamboyantly salted by Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish chef known as the Salt Bae.

2017 Oscar adayi sensin dedi#saltbae #saltlife #salt @leonardodicaprio

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Of course, DiCaprio is known for living his very best life, but this notes a turn for Gökçe, who’s notability rises with each sprinkle of crystallized Jesus tears. What’s major about this event is that DiCaprio’s expression is already getting its own meme treatment—the vaunted meme within a meme.

Gökçe, based out of Abu Dhabi, has a steakhouse in New York set to open. Ben Affleck and Rihanna have both adorned themselves in Salt Bae gear. He’s 2017’s breakout star.

Rihanna da bizden giyiniyo #salt #saltbae

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Here’s James Corden segment, dedicated to #SaltBae:

The Bae is just getting started.

Kahron Spearman

Kahron Spearman

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