Hey girl, Ryan Gosling loves biostatics

Hey girl, there’s a Ryan Gosling for each and every one of your hobbies. Which Gosblr is your favorite?

For the activist, there’s Feminist Ryan Gosling. For the graphic designer, there’s Typographer Ryan Gosling. For music buffs, there’s Ryan Gosling at FunFunFunFest. In November, Public History Ryan Gosling swept historians off their feet.

There’s something about this chiseled actor that makes him the perfect everyman for pinning all our fantasies on, no matter how specific. It’s appealing—and a little bit funny—to believe that there’s a handsome man out there just dying to geek out with us over our favorite hobby. Thus, the term Gosblr, coined by Daily Dot founding editor Owen Thomas to denote yet another Ryan Gosling Tumblr.

This week, Gosling’s romantic gaze is paired with musings about theorems for Biostatistics Ryan Gosling !!!, complete with three exclamation points. In what reads like gibberish to the uninformed—but dirty talk to Bio majors—Gosling appears to ask the viewer about his or her p-value.

“Please feel free to suggest ideas for Biostatistics Ryan Gosling !!! posts,” the blog’s anonymous author writes.

However, there is no way to do that: There’s neither an Ask or Submit page. Nor is there a contact email.  We get it: sometimes we get distracted by Gosling’s dreamy gaze, too.

Launched on December 2, the blog has experienced a surge of traffic today from Boing Boing science writer, Maggie Koerth-Baker. With 17 posts, or about 4 a day, the blog’s author doesn’t seem to be running out of sciency witicisms.

Biostatistics Ryan Gosling might be the most specific Gosling fantasy yet. That is, until we create our own fantasy Tumblr: Daily Dot Reader Ryan Gosling.

Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini is a web culture reporter who specializes in anime and the business of fandom. Her work has been published by Forbes and Business Insider.