Robin Thicke reveals his depressing texts in a weirdly sad new video

robin thicke get her back video

The singer is working really hard to get his estranged wife back.

Robin Thicke is working really hard to get estranged wife Paula Patton back. Case in point: his new music video for a song literally titled “Get Her Back.”  

Thicke once again finds himself cooing into a camera with a gorgeous model lurking in the background, but this video also features something a little different: recreated text conversations, possibly similar to those between Thicke and Patton after their split.

“I wrote a whole album about you,” says one. (That album, Paula, drops July 1.) The response? “I don’t care.”

The video offers a plethora of (really sad) clues as to what led Patton to walk away from the decade-long marriage:

Thicke sheds some tears and ends his video with one final text: “This is just the beginning.”

Good luck with that, Mr. Thicke. Looks like you might need it.

Screengrab via RobinThickeVEVO/YouTube

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