This original love song contains 29 perfect celebrity impressions

Big news! Gwen Stefani, Willie Nelson, Cher, and Peter Griffin did a song together. OK, not really, but performer Rob Cantor, formerly of the band Tally Hall, does deliver an awfully good impression of 29 different cultural icons in his new original song “Perfect.”

It’s a good thing Cantor wrote these lyrics, because if he’d chopped up actual lines from those singers, you’d think it was just clever editing. (Update: It was!)

Close your eyes, and you might actually believe Christopher Walken, Ray Romano, Flipper, Steve Buscemi, and Ian McKellen are serenading you. The creepiest impression? Not Gollum! Wait until he channels Shakira.

Getting the performance right took “a lot of practice” and “about 40 takes,” Cantor wrote on Facebook. 

“Perfect” is featured on Cantor’s new album, Not a Trampoline. You can purchase the studio version here, if you’ve got an urge to compare Adam Sandler’s real-life whine to Cantor’s rendition.

Shadan Larki

Shadan Larki

Shadan Larki is a former contributor to the Daily Dot specializing in politics and pop culture. Her bylines have also appeared in USA Today.