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Christina Ricci has the Internet crawling into fridges to take selfies

Sometimes it’s best if you can’t fit in there. 


Audra Schroeder


This week alone, we’ve seen both Jennifer Lawrence and LeBron James turned into hashtag memes on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, as people replicate their Golden Globes attire and on-court theatrics, respectively. Actress Christina Ricci has inspired the latest round of imitation, based on her ability to fit into small spaces.

Yes, pants would have been more appropriate fitting-into-fridge attire. But, hey, I saw my opportunity and took it.

— christina ricci (@ChristinaRicci) November 27, 2013

And now, people are #Riccing.

@GlamourMagUK how about a sports holdall?? #Riccing

— Sophie Prosser (@mighty_knighty) January 15, 2014

Latest trend, & yes I had to try it. I fit into our camera cage! #riccing @MollyRokasy @BrittanyNews12 @TweetsTheWx

— Natasha Geigel (@NatashaGeigel) January 15, 2014

My favorite was fitting in the rolling editing cart #Riccing @elisaDiStefano Hopefully the 14 followers r happy

— Elizabeth Hashagen (@Elizabethnews12) January 15, 2014

@SXMTheHighway #riccing

— storme warren (@stormewarren) January 15, 2014


This guy attempted #Riccing and #Lawrencing. But was there any #LeBroning? Who will shoot that three-pointer and explode the Internet?


@chrisparente @KDVR here is my attempt at #Lawrencing #Riccing combo. What can the “Everyday” crew fit in?

— Rickdonculous (@rlyddon) January 15, 2014


If this trend catches on, it will definitely end in someone having to be extracted from something. Possibly the Jaws of Life will be called in. Or perhaps it will be turned into a game show of some sort.

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