Aspiring voice actor creates 41 hilarious characters on command

Jon Del Sesto voiced an entire cast of characters last night on Reddit. Listen to our 10 favorites. 


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Posted on Jul 13, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 2:32 pm CDT

Jon Del Sesto hears voices. You name it; he can imitate it.

That was the premise the aspiring voice actor pitched to social news site Reddit Thursday evening. After six months out of work, the active redditor asked fellow users to submit a character and scenario for him to act out.

The result was an impressive, crowdsourced game of call-and-response—one that resulted as well in a pretty impressive audio portfolio for Del Sesto.

So far he’s done 41 different impressions, each of which has been uploaded to Soundcloud.

Here are his 10 best so far.

1) “An experienced clown, age-whethered and depressed, morosely explaining the ropes to an up-and-coming clown.”

2) “A kosher Nazi, unsure of his allegience, self-loathing yet filled with nationalistic duty, drinking himself into a stupor at a bar just outside Auschwitz.

3) “An Army recruiter trying to convince Jimmy that there are Fine Arts careers in the military.

4) “A Nicaraguan cleaning lady who wonders aloud if she’s supposed to clean the big chest of sex toys she just found in the walk-in closet.

5) “A drag queen about to go back in time in a purple port a potty

6) “A lonely alien muttering to him/her/itself as it tries to decide to write in a Personals ad.

7) “A horny 72 year old man chatting up a 19 year old (female) kickboxing champion.

8) “a racist person who doesn’t know he’s racist but says incredibly racist things.

9) “Burdock the Groper – A small town drunk with a heart of gold and a penchant for gropery

10) “An angry middle-aged New Yorker on the way to work in the middle of rush-hour who refuses to acknowledge that the car accident was his fault.

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*First Published: Jul 13, 2012, 11:30 am CDT