How to reach photographic excellence through Reddit in 7 easy steps

Follow these subreddits on the social news site for tips, tricks, and brutally honest feedback. 

Mar 3, 2020, 3:27 am*



Kevin Morris

Do you like photography? Do you consider it a hobby? Congratulations. So does everyone else who just got a new smartphone.

The only way to make people care about your photo hobby, however, is to become great at it—and not just with Instagram filters, either. There are some proven ways to do so. You can take classes, buy books, or get a tutor. But here at the Daily Dot, we don’t promote the idea of doing anything offline, and it turns out that social news site Reddit has a plethora of photography resources.

Here’s our handy guide to reaching photographic excellence through Reddit without ever leaving the comfort of your swivel chair.

1) r/pics

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find inspiring gems every day.

2) The safe-for-work porn network: r/EarthPorn, r/waterporn, r/ExposurePorn

Overwhelming visual stimulation. You can also go direct to here to see all the SFW porn subreddits at once.

3) r/photography

A hub for all things photographic and a great place for general discussion.

4) r/photoit

Talk specific techniques.

5) r/AskPhotography

Ask photographers anything.

6) r/itookapicture

Post your pic for practice.

7) r/toycameras

Lighten up and have fun out there. 

8) r/photocritique

If these guys say your photo’s flawless, it may be time to go pro.

A variation of this post was originally published at r/weeklyreddit.

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*First Published: Aug 21, 2012, 8:00 am