Reblog: Comic fonts, Gosblrs, and Steve Gobs

This week on Tumblr we have odes to our favorite font to hate, and much more, including new Gosblr!  


Jordan Valinsky


Published Dec 16, 2011   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 11:44 pm CDT

While it was Facebook’s week to shine with its slick new Timeline redesign, your other favorite time waster, Tumblr, had a decent week too! So grab your mid-afternoon Diet Coke and kick back with Reblog, our weekly take on Tumblr.

Earlier this week, we found that there are, in fact, Comic Sans font defenders. The unofficial font of church programs and elementary school open house signs has a legion of advocates fighting for its behalf on the “Comic Sans Project.”

The Tumblr re-imagines corporate logos, like NASA and Chanel in a Comic Sans-infused cocktail that churns out one ghastly drink that would cause you to choke and then shove back to  the bartender. Of course, this being the Web, you’ll merely shut down your browser in disgust.

We also updated our Gosblr, i.e. the Internet’s definitive source for Ryan Gosling-themed Tumblrs. We found out that RyRy is a law school student who needs helps with his briefs, he loves NPR—like any good Hollywood elite—and he totally supports your roller derby infatuation.

A few other Tumblrs were buzzing through our social media feeds, but aren’t necessarily new. There’s the Cosby Sweater Project, which lovingly mocks the awful sweaters worn by Bill Cosby. (Perhaps this is giving people ideas for Christmas sweaters.)  A friend also sent us Steve Gobs, a mash-up between Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and everyone’s favorite character on Arrested Development, Gob Bluth. Gob’s head is placed on Steve’s body and makes the world’s greatest egomaniac.

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2011, 4:41 pm CST