Rebecca Black’s new song isn’t awful

Could the YouTube sensation's "Sing It" actually be, well, good?

Mar 3, 2020, 6:17 am*


Jordan Valinsky 

Jordan Valinsky

Rebecca Black’s video for her new song “Sing It” makes me so excited because it’s not totally horrible.

The “Friday” singer released the video Monday but a YouTube glitch has the video count stuck at 303 views, meaning the site’s servers are having trouble keeping up with all the new viewers. The three-minute clip has already garnered about 60 comments, with the most popular being “WOW! her best song yet!”

And it’s true. With its beach setting, Instagram-ish filers, and plain clothing (so much plaid and jean shorts!), it looks like a glossy commercial for American Eagle’s summer line, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s almost summer break for the 14-year-old Black, and this song is probably going to be her anthem as she sips her virgin pina coladas and lays around in all of her money.

The catchy yet simple hook at the beginning (the word “woah” repeated about 1,000 times) and parent-approved lyrics (“turn it up, turn it up, play it aloud, sing it from my heart”) makes it a decent song for her teenage demographic. Her signature nasal “yeah” also features prominently.

Interestingly, the video wasn’t released by Black’s personal video channel but an account called “summerlife16,” which contains only one other video: a recording of “Sing It.”

This is actually Black’s fourth single. In the past year, she has released duds “Person of Interest,” “My Moment,” and the song that catapulted her to stardom, “Friday.”

Since “Sing It” is arguably not that bad, it may actually get some airtime. Black might finally have her second hit—though for the right reasons, this time around.

It might not be Friday, but this song certainly kicks us into a summer mood.

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*First Published: May 8, 2012, 2:57 pm