A terribly inappopriate tribute to the late sci-fi pioneer heats up on YouTube. 

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Science-fiction fans around the world mourned the passing of Ray Bradbury Wednesday. He was 91.

The acclaimed author’s best known for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, required reading for high-school students everywhere. Along with his short story collection, The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury’s works are credited with helping science fiction become more mainstream.

It’s no wonder that Bradbury has inspired some derivative works from fans that can only be described as … passionate.

“Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” is a crassly titled but clearly heartfelt musical love letter to the revered author. Comedian Rachel Bloom stars as a lovestruck sci-fi fan whom, in between smooches and naughty gestures, references even some of Bradbury’s more obscure works.

We hope you won’t find us gauche for digging up this two-year-old video for a bit of sexual healing. It’s a video that made even Bradbury himself chuckle when he watched it. We hope that during this somber time, it’ll help you do the same.

Photo via Rachel Bloom

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