Radiohead debuts ‘Daydreaming’ video, announces album release date

radiohead daydreaming video

Screengrab via Radiohead/YouTube

When Thom Yorke closes a door…

Radiohead just released its second video of the week, which finds Thom Yorke opening and closing a bunch of doors. 

It’s a bit different from “Burn the Witch,” the ominous claymation video the group released earlier this week. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, “Daydreaming” is six minutes of Yorke being propelled through a series of doors by a simple, elegant piano progression. 

It’s notable that this video and “Burn the Witch” are on YouTube. Yorke aired his grievances with the video platform last year, stating that it’d seized control of people’s art much like the Nazis did in World War II. “Burn the Witch” now has more than 8 million views. 

The single also appeared on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal earlier this week, and Yorke’s now-famous 2013 allegation that Spotify is the “last desperate fart of a dying corpse” is now under renewed scrutiny. That’s one long fart. 

It was also announced today that Radiohead’s upcoming album, the title of which is still a mystery, will be released digitally May 8 on XL Recordings. We’ve reached out to Spotify to see if it will be hosting the album. 

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