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Someone mashed up an entire Linkin Park album with Psy—and it’s awesome

Oppa Linkin style.


Michelle Jaworski


Someone on YouTube just created a monster.

Hybrid Theory is the debut album of Linkin Park, while “Gangnam Style” is the one song that got the world talking about Psy. Now we have a masterpiece we never asked for: Gangnam Park’s debut album, Psybrid Theory. It’s an entire album, gangified.

Painstakingly mashed together by YouTubers RosalinaSama and Triple-Q, it should have disaster written all over it. The duo took Linkin Park’s instrumentals and used the lyrics of “Gangnam Style” (and even a little bit of “Gentlemen”) for not just one song, but the entire 12-track album.

In reality, it works together better than it ever should have.

“Your edgy, angsty teen phase just got a whole lot sexier and stylish,” declares the pair in a preview vid. It’s not just that. It gives us something new to listen to for when we get sick of listening to a viral horror like “The Fox.”

H/T Reddit | Photo via RosalinaSama/YouTube

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