World Record Style!

PSY’s catchy “Gangnam Style” is the most-liked YouTube video in history, and now the South Korean artist has the documentation to prove it.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday presented the award to PSY in London during the singer’s interview with BBC Radio 1, the Guinness blog reported.

“We’re pleased to present his official certificate to such a global phenomenon,” Glenday said. “Gangnam Style is an infectious, joyous song that has brought a smile to the faces of a tenth of the world’s population, and the result is that it’s the most liked video of any kind in the history of YouTube!”

Guinness first made PSY’s record official in a September announcement, when the music video had 2,141,758 likes on YouTube, breaking the previous record of 1,574,963 held by LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” video.

Since then, “Gangnam Style” has more than doubled in likes, climbing to 4,911,081.

The Guinness blog reports PSY said he was honored to receive the certificate.

“This is the first certificate I’ve ever had… I didn’t get one at school,” he said.

That Guinness World Records certificate may soon be joined by several more. PSY’s single also holds the honor of being the most viewed K-Pop video on YouTube, and marks the first time a South Korean song has been #1 on iTunes.

Image via PSY/YouTube

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