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Psy and his backup dancers practice the ‘Daddy’ routine and absolutely nail it

He got it from his daddy.


Sherry Tucci


Psy and his crew show off their rhythmic prowess while practicing the routine to the South Korean megastar’s latest hit video, “Daddy.”

The clip showcases the 37-year-old rehearsing his singing and dancing to the song with at least 20 backup dancers syncing to the choreography. While the seemingly small practice room is packed, it proves no trouble for the group, whose moves are strong, popping, and perfectly matched up.

K-pop idols often release dance-practice videos as a tribute to fans—whether to give them something new to fawn over or as an expression of gratitude for supporting their newest track. For Psy it could be both. The music video for “Daddy” has accumulated almost 57 million views, and also earned Psy a first-place win this week on Inkigayo, one of Korea’s most popular weekly music programs.

With official music videos, the theme or concept is usually emphasized, so the choreography isn’t always as prominent. These are fan favorites because they’re a clean shot of the stars showing off often spectacular new dance moves.

If you liked Psy’s video, here are some examples of dance practices from EXID and BTS, two idol groups challenging Psy on the Inkigayo charts.

Screengrab via YGDANCERS/YouTube

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